A Public Announcement

Kuching Smart City Survey

Sarawak Multimedia Authority is currently conducting a general survey on Kuching smart city initiatives until 21st February 2020.


This survey is to enable better understanding on the aspirations of the people and to enable the Sarawak Government to design a smarter city with better living conditions.


As such we appreciate your valued participation should you be approached by any of the following interviewer/s of our appointed consultant:


1. Irna Ardila Mugang - ID No. 84000

2. Indra Irawan Hendry - ID No. 84007

3. Nur Athira Elina Bt Rajuna - ID No. 84001

4. Nur Najwa Bt Yusuf - ID No. 84002

5. Sophia Nur Athirah Bt Saibi - ID No. 84004

6. Salbiah binti Abdillah - ID No. 84005

7. Dayangku Nur Syukrina bt Awangku Bolkiah - ID No. 84003

8. Muhammad Fazly bin Abdullah - ID No. 84006