KUCHING: Sarawak unveiled its Digital Economy Blueprint today, with the aim to transform the state from a conventional resource-based to an environmentally sustainable technology-driven economy and society.


Under the Blueprint, digital acceleration is a key enabler to strengthen Sarawak’s economic competitiveness, create job opportunities and new generations of digital industries, as well as develop a vibrant tech sector – with the ultimate goal of developing an inclusive digital society and achieving high-income developed status for Sarawak by 2030.


The Blueprint was launched by Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Abang Openg at the 27th World Congress on Innovation and Technology and the 6th International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak, or collectively known as WCIT|IDECS 2023. The two international technology events were held concurrently and targeted at business leaders, senior corporate figures, government representatives, policymakers, civil society, and industry experts.


“Sarawak is at the critical juncture of our next phase of growth, and technology and innovation are key drivers to push forward our vision to accelerate economic growth, social inclusivity, and environmental sustainability. To drive Sarawak’s growth, we have put in place policies and facilitate public and private collaborative efforts to drive digital transformation across the facets of our economy.


“One of the key priority areas for Sarawak is to fast-track the development of our digital infrastructure; after all, connectivity is key for growth, especially for us to remain on track on our digitalised economy aspirations. Ultimately, it is the people and communities that we want to benefit, and through our digitalisation efforts, we hope that this will trickle down to the Sarawakian communities that we serve, to build and create a thriving, vibrant digital and date-driven ecosystem for the future,” Abang Johari added.


Today’s opening ceremony of the three-day event at Borneo Convention Centre saw the convening of more than 10,000 attendees from 46 countries, with the convergence of the events serving as a platform for attendees to discuss, exchange knowledge, share insights, and establish a real, definite pathway forward in driving an innovation, technology and sustainability-centric business ecosystem and community, especially in the face of rapidly evolving 21st century challenges.


Themed “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age: Innovation and Technology Driving Economic Prosperity, Social Inclusivity & Environmental Sustainability” and “Advancing Digital Economy for Sustainable Development” respectively, WCIT|IDECS 2023 features global leading and prominent thought leaders, corporate leaders, and award-winning innovators who shared topics around artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, 5G, autonomous, diversity & inclusivity, smart cities, global ICT policy, and space tech, and more specifically, how they can influence companies and communities.