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Implementing digital measures to cut off virus infections.


Since  its  establishment   in  April  2018,  the  small  multi-media  agency  in  Sarawak  has implemented more than 40 initiatives, such as Sarawak ID, Sarawak payment, communication tower construction plan, tourism bureau guide application and others.  It is worth mentioning that the role of the Sarawak Multimedia Agency in fighting the coronavirus pandemic is also very important, especially the public health and economic leaders, and it also plays the role of an enabler,  leading  the people  through  the epidemic  and economic  difficulties.   Dr. Zaidi Razak,  General  Manager  of Sarawak  Multimedia  Authority,  said in an interview  with our reporter that the Authority is playing a leading role in promoting Sarawak’s digital reform, especially in public health. The agency has, since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, implemented a number of digital initiatives, such as the first such development of the Enter Sarawak system and electronic health declaration form, as well as Sarawak’s official disaster

information application i-Alert.



Tracking people entering Sarawak


"The government uses i-Alert to quickly communicate accurate and useful information to the people. In addition, we also provide the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee, Sarawak Health Department, Civil Defence Agency and Immigration Dept the Enter Sarawak system and electronic health declaration tools, so that relevant units can register the entry of people during the control order and guard the points of exits and entries of Sarawak.   The digital tracking bracelet is indispensable  for the population.   In this regard, Sarawak has several contact tracing apps such as COVIDTrace  and Qmunity. He said that the main function of these two applications is to assist the health bureau to break the coronavirus infection chain. He believes that by making good use of digital tools, the efficiency and speed of tracking maps can be improved, and it will play a vital and important role in fighting the pandemic.  In addition, the data collected by the app also assists in identifying high-risk areas and the flow of people in a certain place, so as to bring confidence to the business environment and promote vigorous economic activities.  He said that Sarawak Multimedia Authority welcomes initiatives from independent developers and private companies, such as COVIDTrace and Qmunity.  At the same  time,  he  also  encourages  the  integration  of  applications,  and  SMA  can  play  a

coordinating role in data management.



In line with the future trend. Sarawak Pay to add more functions.


Dr. Zaidi emphasized that fighting the coronavirus is not a task that can be accomplished by only one government department or one unit. Instead, it requires every Sarawak citizen to play a role in fighting the epidemic.  Only then can Sarawak have a chance to succeed on the road of resistance.  He claimed that when a global health care system is implemented in Malaysia, digitalization will be more cost-effective, convenient and timely to improve the healthcare field. For  example,   registered   doctors  can  provide  patients  with  online  health  advice  and prescriptions.  Drugs etc.  In the economic field, Sarawak Multimedia Authority offered the Sarawak Pay e-wallet application.


Assisting  the  Sarawak  government  to  issue  special  assistance  payments  to  low-income people and hawkers during the epidemic highlighted the importance of online transactions and its impact on Sarawak’s future trends.  When online trading is booming, Dr Zaidi mentioned that the regulatory order has led to an unprecedented surge in the usage of wide categories.



Online Trade is Booming


In Sarawak, the data usage has increased from 2TB before the outbreak of coronavirus to

8TB during the pandemic.   In this regard, he believes that companies operating online businesses  will have an absolute  advantage  over traditional  companies,  especially  online trading activities will continue to shine under the new normal.  The trend of online transactions has benefited  own e-wallet, Sarawak  Pay.   From the implementation  of the application  to August  10  this  year,  Sarawak  Pay  has  made  a  lot  of  success,  including  12.1  million transactions, more than 500-million-ringgit transaction volume, 422,224 users, and 61,882 registered  merchants.  In addition,  Sarawak  citizens without a bank account  also received "BKSS 2.0" Special Assistance through Sarawak Payment during the epidemic.



Photo caption: Dr. Zaidi Razak, General Manager of Sarawak Multimedia Agency, expressed pride in the progress made by the agency in leading Sarawak towards the digital economy.



Transaction Volume Exceeds 500 million


The transaction volume is over 500 million, and the special aid payment will help stimulate economic and commercial activities in the market. In leading Sarawak on the road to economic recovery, Sarawak Pay plans to introduce more functions and options in the future, such as the electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) system, which is still waiting for review and approval.   He added that digitization will also have a positive impact on individual areas of Sarawak. For example, the manufacturing industry can achieve cost reduction effects through computer-aided design and simulation tools, the tourism industry can use VR/AR technology, and the agricultural sector can rely on science and technology to reduce import costs and improve production efficiency.