Digital Infrastructure


  Digital Infrastructure







  • To increase the broadband coverage and upgrade its speed and reliability
  • To optimise the utilisation of existing and new tele-communication and network infrastructure 
  • To achieve higher investment inflow in digital businesses 

Strategic Actions

Action 30: Develop the infrastructure in more cost-effective way using Hub and Spoke development concept in all towns in Sarawak by end of 2020
Action 31: Develop an international internal gateway in Sarawak and a new submarine cable system to connect directly to international internet gateway
Action 32: Liberalise the infrastructure sector to attract foreign digital businesses to set-up their operation in Sarawak
Action 33: Provide affordable and high-speed internet access for the masses through carrier-independent backhaul and backbone data transmission services

Current & Planned Initiatives

Action 33                                                                                                                                                         
SMA Tower 300

Contact Person

Hamadlan Hamdan, James Bungan