Digital skills and Talent Development


  Digital Skills and Talent Development







  • To develop human resource for Sarawak's Digital Economy
  • To enhance our education system and infrastructure especially in STEM 

Strategic Actions

Action 34: Build, develop and headhunt a workforce that is agile, digital-savvy and industry-ready
Action 35: Strengthen current STEM and ICT education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions

Current & Planned Initiatives
Action 34
Upskilling/reskilling of Graduates for Digital Economy
Digital Competency Development for State Civil Service
Sponsorship of Industrial Attachment for Students and Lecturers in Specific Areas
Sarawak Innovation, Invention and Design Expo (SIIDEx)

Action 35
Creating ICT Champion in Schools Through ICT Based Competition - Digital Storytelling Animation (DiStA Camp 2018)
Training Primary School Teachers to Teach Computing & Computational Thinking Skills According to ICT Modules
ICT Starter Program for Primary School Student
STEM Playground
Digital Media Literacy Program for Resource Teachers


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