Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  Innovation and Entrepreneurship







  • To inculcate the culture of innovation
  • To increase the number of successful technopreneurs including spin-offs and start-ups
  • To achieve continuous technology transfer and commercialisation 
  • To identify, protect, manage and sustain the State Intellectual Property resources belonged to the State Government

Strategic Actions

Action 37: To establish one innovation centre in each divisions and facilitate others (private sectors, universities and communities)
Action 38: Establish Digital Village to facilitate technology transfer and commercialisation and accelerate the maturity of the start-ups through global accelerator partnership
Action 39: Establish "Launch Sarawak" Programme at Digital Village to provide a transformative pathway to support innovation, intellectual property creation and spin-offs
Action 40: Setup "Digital Landing Pads" overseas to promote Sarawak as a destination for high tech innovation and entrepreneurship like Silicon Valley or Shanghai. etc. and to encourage both domestic and foreign investment

Current & Planned Initiatives

Action 37
Establish Innovation Centres in Each Division and Facilitate Others

Uploaded on 17 December 2019
List of Digital Innovation Hub

Contact Person

Hazwan RazakAmirrul Rizwan Bin Mohd Abd Hafiz

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