Digital Inclusivity


  Digital Inclusivity







  • To enhance the competency and readiness of all communities for digital economy 

Strategic Action

Action 47: To establish a digital-ready community through developing digital skills and competencies and promoting inclusive digital participation.

Current & Planned Initiatives

Action 47
Digital Readiness
i) Digital survey to map out the digital readiness of the communities that already have existing digital facilities
ii) Rapid appraisal of the program/activity
iii) Study to examine the impact of intervention programmes/activities undertaken to close the identified digital gaps among the communities surveyed in hud
Digital Awareness & Buy-In
i) Develop content and information material for digital platforms
ii) Collaboration with relevant government agencies and other entities to embed and incorporate DE elements and initiative in their community engagement project and activities
iii) Organised a series of interactive and/or virtual exhibitions and/or roadshows to build trust and confidence in digital technology
iv) Enhancing rural library facilities as community resources/digital rural centres
Digital Immersion Adoption
i) Identify and build network of digital inclusivity avocate agents (DIA)

Contact Person

Tarmit Kaur A/P Mewa Singh, Carolineson Ak Nason, Steward Sayong