Functions of SMA

In pursuant to Section 9 of Sarawak Multimedia Authority Ordinance, 2017, the functions of SMA include:
  • To advise the State on matters relating to the policy for communications and multimedia activities.
  • To implement and enforce the provisions of State laws relating to communications and multimedia.
  • To supervise and monitor communications and multimedia activities in the State.
  • To support, direct, stimulate and facilitate research and development in communication and multimedia.
  • To encourage and promote the development of the communications and multimedia industry including in the area of research and training in the State.
  • To develop for the Government, the framework for information technology and information resources management and process, and the utilization of such technology.
  • To promote and facilitate research and improvement in electronic network systems and processes, application and technologies associated therewith.
  • To undertake exchanges and joint programmes with other national and international organizations or institutions connected with information resources and systems, communication and mutimedia.
  • To facilitate the application and usage of systems and technologies for e-commerce by companies and business communities in the conduct of their business and the promotion of their products in the State.